Orders & Notifications

Sl No Date Subject Download
1 14-12-2022 Appointment to the post Lecturer in Survey Engineering of Govt. Polytechnic
2 14-12-2022 Appointment to the post Lecturer in Civil Engineering of Govt. Polytechnic.
3 16-11-2022 Partial Modification in G.O. I/179305/2022 dated 05.03.2022
4 17-11-2022 Up-gradation of junior lecturers to the post lecturers in Govt./Govt. sponsored Polytechnics
5 14-11-2022 Transfer order of lecturers from one Govt. Polytechnic to another Govt. Polytechnic.
6 29-09-2022 NOC on part time basis of lecturers for higher studies.
7 22-08-2022 Final call for appointment to the post of lecturer in different Govt. Polytechnic
8 03-08-2022 Entry Point Qualification, Entry Pay and other benefits for the post of Principals & Lecturers
9 02-08-2022 Confirmation of Service in respect of 74 Nos. of Lecturers at Govt. Polytechnic(s)
10 20-07-2022 Transfer and Posting order of Baidarvi Guha Thakurta, Lecturer in ET&E of Govt. Polytechnic