Orders & Notifications

Sl No Date Subject Download
1 06-02-2024 Regular appointment of 22 Nos. of Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering of Govt. Polytechnic.
2 06-02-2024 Regular appointment of 8 Nos. of Lecturer in Computer Science & Technology of Govt. Polytechnic.
3 30-11-2023 Appointment of Sri Ananda Sharma, Lecturer in Civil Engg. as PIC , Darjeeling Polytechnic
4 01-12-2023 Transfer order of 5 no. of lecturer in Pharmacy of Govt. Polytechnic
5 01-12-2023 Transfer order of 19 no. of lecturers of Govt. Polytechnic
6 30-11-2023 Regular appointment of 2 Nos. of Lecturer in Mathematics of Govt. Polytechnic.
7 03-11-2023 Extension of provisional appointment of 5 nos. of Lectures in Electrical Engg. of Govt. Polytechnic.
8 03-11-2023 Regular appointment of 77 Nos. of Lecturer in Electrical Engg. of Govt. Polytechnic.
9 16-10-2023 Clarification Regarding CAS Rules for Principals & Lecturers of Govt. Govt. Spnsrd Polytechnic
10 27-07-2023 Posting of Service on working arrangement basis of lecturers of Govt. Polytechnic